Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ribbon Ring truffles at CHA Orlando

Day one at CHA Orlando and Ribbon Ring is rockin! Here is a pic of my Ribbon Ring truffles. I will take some close-ups when I get home.

There are some great booths here. I can't wait to run around and check them all out.

The signs are getting a lot of smiles and laughs.... still getting lots of handling of the cupcakes! I guess they are just too cute not to touch.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend coupon for Ribbon Ring

Hey y'all! I have been sooo busy this morning packing my suitcases for CHA that I nearly forgot the coupon! Well, here it is!


Please use code: TMTR15

Code valid through 7/26/2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ribbon Ring arrives at CHA

Well, my boxes & displays did... WHEW! What a relief... it is always a HUGE stress that something will get lost or delayed and then what do you do in your booth for 5 days? Don't even want to think about it! I fly out to Orlando on Sunday. Not looking forward to that LONG flight.

I will be happy to be reunited with my displays (cupcakes, truffles, etc.), I have them sitting around my craft room for inspiration and I sure am missing them.

Regarding orders placed on the website, rest assured, your orders will be filled as usual. :)

In fact, watch for a yummy special this weekend... will post it here!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ribbon Ring coupon for this weekend

How about a coupon for the weekend? Use "226AB" for 30% off your order (not including shipping). YAY!!! Offer good 7/17/09 - 7/20/09.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Wow! I got a GORGEOUS handmade thank you card from a customer today. The handcut detail is amazing!!! She mounted it on a clear plastic sheet... something I have not seen before. What a nice surprise. Makes me want to stop working and go make a bunch of cards! I will email her and ask if I have permission to take a pic and post here on the blog... will let you know!

Thank you soo much Tracy for the gorgeous card. I know how long it takes to make a card like this one and I am very appreciative. There is a picture of the card on her blog... scroll down to July 6, "friend to friend".... I respect the talent GIRL!

Free chocolate link

It works! I signed up a few weeks ago and just got my coupon in the mail for a free Mars product (m&ms, dove, snickers, etc.). You can sign up every Friday to get a coupon I think. Check out the details here....MMMMMM chocolate....

Thank you Mars!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


A huge thank you to Sabrina P from Las Vegas! She sent me a handful of YUMMY ribbon for no reason at all. What a super nice thing to do. I will pay it forward!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A little help please....

I got a friendly email suggesting I wait to post pics of my most fabulous Ribbon Ring truffles until after CHA so that no one copies me..... not that I sell them or anything, but I see her point of "unveiling" them at the super craft show. So, y'all are gonna have to wait!

On another CHA related topic... how do I nicely say, "PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THE DISPLAYS!"? My topiaries and cupcakes are just getting beat up and it takes a lot of time to "refurbish" them to their original splendor. These truffles, FOR SURE, cannot be touched.

Plus... it is not just touching. (People don't realize that hundreds of people touching the same cupcake makes it dirty). I am amazed at how many people try to take things apart to see how they were made. They pick the sequins off, untie a ribbon, etc. I had secured my cupcakes in their holders, but, a few people pulled on them so hard, a couple of them came apart. (sigh). Two flower topiaries had to be completely remade because people kept pulling the heads off (ACK!) and now the styrofoam looks like swiss cheese and the stem won't stay in.

So, I am going to make some new DO NOT TOUCH signs.... direct, but friendly. My old signs said, "Please don't touch". I don't think the signs were visible enough because we they sure didn't work. I will make the new signs more prominent. Anyone have a cute, yet effective way of communicating the "no touch" policy?
Here are my favorites so far:
  • WARNING! Do not touch! Not only will I kill you, it will hurt the whole time you are dying.
  • Photos okay, touching NO WAY!
  • Please do not touch displays. Yes, that means you.
  • Photographing display $0, Touching display $5

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ribbon Ring ribbon truffles

I found the PERFECT box for my ribbon truffles at a yard sale. Problem is... I need to make a whole bunch more! I had only made 6 for the little candy box I was using, but this new box has 24 candies, so I am on a truffle-making mission!

So, I went to Michaels and Craft Warehouse yesterday to buy truffle ingredients. Oh, will someone please tell me why neither of these stores carry Ribbon Ring? I have sent them numerous packages and I never, ever even hear back from them. . I spend so much money at those two stores, you think they would at least send me a letter saying they GOT the product. But no, they don't. I guess I should yell at my marketing department... Oh, yeah, that's me.

Anyways, I bought everything that could conceivably be part of a truffle recipe.

I will post pics tonite. The truffles are absolutley fabulous and I am not kiddding.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ribbon Ring getting ready for CHA in Orlando

Hi all! Just packing up my Ribbon Ring show trunks for CHA Orlando later this month. Could Florida be further away?. I just HATE the long flight.

I am sprucing up my ribbon ring cupcakes today. So many people handle them at shows (naughty naughty!) that they get smashed and disheveled... They are looking fresh now. I have idea for a new cupcake, so I am going to make it tonite.

Yesterday I made some butterflies out of ribbon, but I am not in love with them, so I don't think I will bring them to the show... I made some cute ribbon truffles too but I am not sure how to display them at the show. I have a very cute candy box, but I don't have any extra table space... I will prop the candy box up on a little easel, but it is just finding that 6 inches of space for the easel!

My CHA booth number is #1636. Please come and visit me!!!