Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jumbo tags...where are they?

Okay, so y'all are flooding my inbox with requests for JUMBO tags. I do not know the estimated arrival date. They are floating toward the US in the Pacific ocean I think. They could be here today, it might be 3 weeks. I just don't know. Here is a free shipping coupon to use now if you want to order some standard tags. I will pst a free shipping coupon when the JUMBO tags get here too. This coupon code is good on orders placed 10/25 - 11/05. The code is: iwantjumbos

Now, if you just cant wait... here is a retailer that sells JUMBO tags....

Cutters Creek

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How fab is this Halloween wreath?

So, if you have ever met me, you know I am not into "cutesy". Alot of the Halloween decor for sale at boutiques is very cutesy.. you know, little cartoon ghosts and smiling Frankensteins and the like. Not hating on it, its just not my aesthetic. So, I created this chic Halloween wreath for my door this year. Its sophisticated and screams indulgence. Loving it.

Chic Halloween Wreath by Melissa Bickle