Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ribbon Ring Strawberry

This took FOREVER to make! I had planned to make a whole plate of them, but forget it. The ribbon is really hard to pin to the weird shape of the styrofoam.

Basic instructions: Get your Ribbon Ring and find a piece of red ribbon that is most like strawberries. I used a medium red grosgrain. I suppose you could use satin but I like texture of the grosgrain. Start with an egg shaped styrofoam form. Shave off a flat side so the strawberry doesn't roll away every time you set it down. Starting in the middle, pin down a red piece of ribbon horizontally. I used a long enough ribbon so that it would overlap itself in the back. Pin securely the entire length of the ribbon. Place the next piece of ribbon right next to the previous piece and pin. I didn't overlap mine because it made it even hard to pin the ribbon down. When the entire strawberry is covered with horizontal ribbon. Take a few strips and run them diagonal to cover any gaps. When all styrofoam is covered, add fancy white pins with red sequins randomly over the front of the strawberry. Cut green ribbon into small 1.5 inch strips. Snip one end into a "v" shape. Pin both sides of the ribbon starting from the center point on top of the strawberry. Then add an additional layer of green with only one side pinned down, to give it some dimension.

bon apetit!

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