Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foster Dog

Okay, so I know this isn't related to Ribbon Ring, but, I just have to post these cute pics. I volunteer at a local dog shelter and am frequently foster mom to puppies or injured dogs.

My latest baby is a little lab/pit puppy ??? and she is THE STINKING cutest thing ever. My foster dog stays with me until they are adopted, sometimes days, sometimes months. It is a very rewarding experience. Her name is Ziva, but I call her Carmelita Spatts. :) I also call her Chunka Munka, Didgeridoo or Loca Chica. If you have an hour to give once in awhile, consider helping out at your local dog shelter.

When you give comfort, you receive comfort.


Lindee.... said...

She is a beauty, she looks so loveable.. (definitely a Chunka Munka.. lol.. she makes me smile...)
I always adopt "Shelter" animals, as they make wonderful companions and need a loving "Forever" home. I currently only have one cat, but we will be getting another buddy for her just as soon as I get my health back on track...
Thanks for giving "Shelter" animals a voice and being a foster Mom to many... Can't wait for your next sale as I missed the "Free Shipping" cause of being sick.. Hugs to You and the "Puppy" too cute.. Geri

Dana said...

I volunteer at a local no-kill rescue and we now have 3 cats from there. (We have SEVEN alltogether!) Aren't rescue animals the best? :-)