Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ribbon Ring Spring Promotion

Happy Spring everyone! We finally have a little bit of sun peeking through the clouds today in the Pacific Northwest. To celebrate this rare event, I am offering a sweeeeeet deal on Ribbon Ring! I know you want to organize your ribbon! Or maybe you've hoarded, whoops, I mean, purchased more ribbon and used all your ribbon ring tags... well, today is the day to get more! Here is a coupon for Free Shipping. Don't you just LLLOOOVVVVEEE that?!?? I wish I could hand deliver them to you, but with the price of gas, I just can't do it. But I can pay for the shipping, so, c'mon ladies... get it organzied!

Use code: GOSPRING for free shipping (US and international!!!). Valid thru 4/17/11.

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