Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ribbon Ring Pasadena Day 2

Another cloudy day in California... what's up with that?

Here is a pic of my booth. Each show I try to improve/add something to the booth. This show, I made sure all of the sample ribbon rings had 30 tags on them so customer could easily see what a ribbon ring starter set looks like. I also have a ribbon ring with 90 tags on it.

I have a corner booth this time and I am right next to skinny cow ice cream. YUMMO. The girls are very nice about passing over treats when I look weary. :)

Here are a couple of observations about Pasadena (not sure if applies to all of California...)

1. Food options are incredible. I am staying in Old Pasadena which is full of amazing restaurants. Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian... you name it, it is within walking distance! I haven't seen a single "fast food" restaurant - how refreshing is that... although I haven't seen a Starbucks which I desperately need today!

2. Motorcyclists are crazy. They zip through traffic BETWEEN CARS! I have never seen this before, it just doesn't seem very safe!

Will check in later!

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Charlene said...

Gorgeous! We'll see you in Orlando!