Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ribbon Ring getting ready for CHA in Orlando

Hi all! Just packing up my Ribbon Ring show trunks for CHA Orlando later this month. Could Florida be further away?. I just HATE the long flight.

I am sprucing up my ribbon ring cupcakes today. So many people handle them at shows (naughty naughty!) that they get smashed and disheveled... They are looking fresh now. I have idea for a new cupcake, so I am going to make it tonite.

Yesterday I made some butterflies out of ribbon, but I am not in love with them, so I don't think I will bring them to the show... I made some cute ribbon truffles too but I am not sure how to display them at the show. I have a very cute candy box, but I don't have any extra table space... I will prop the candy box up on a little easel, but it is just finding that 6 inches of space for the easel!

My CHA booth number is #1636. Please come and visit me!!!

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