Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ribbon Ring ribbon truffles

I found the PERFECT box for my ribbon truffles at a yard sale. Problem is... I need to make a whole bunch more! I had only made 6 for the little candy box I was using, but this new box has 24 candies, so I am on a truffle-making mission!

So, I went to Michaels and Craft Warehouse yesterday to buy truffle ingredients. Oh, will someone please tell me why neither of these stores carry Ribbon Ring? I have sent them numerous packages and I never, ever even hear back from them. . I spend so much money at those two stores, you think they would at least send me a letter saying they GOT the product. But no, they don't. I guess I should yell at my marketing department... Oh, yeah, that's me.

Anyways, I bought everything that could conceivably be part of a truffle recipe.

I will post pics tonite. The truffles are absolutley fabulous and I am not kiddding.

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