Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A little help please....

I got a friendly email suggesting I wait to post pics of my most fabulous Ribbon Ring truffles until after CHA so that no one copies me..... not that I sell them or anything, but I see her point of "unveiling" them at the super craft show. So, y'all are gonna have to wait!

On another CHA related topic... how do I nicely say, "PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THE DISPLAYS!"? My topiaries and cupcakes are just getting beat up and it takes a lot of time to "refurbish" them to their original splendor. These truffles, FOR SURE, cannot be touched.

Plus... it is not just touching. (People don't realize that hundreds of people touching the same cupcake makes it dirty). I am amazed at how many people try to take things apart to see how they were made. They pick the sequins off, untie a ribbon, etc. I had secured my cupcakes in their holders, but, a few people pulled on them so hard, a couple of them came apart. (sigh). Two flower topiaries had to be completely remade because people kept pulling the heads off (ACK!) and now the styrofoam looks like swiss cheese and the stem won't stay in.

So, I am going to make some new DO NOT TOUCH signs.... direct, but friendly. My old signs said, "Please don't touch". I don't think the signs were visible enough because we they sure didn't work. I will make the new signs more prominent. Anyone have a cute, yet effective way of communicating the "no touch" policy?
Here are my favorites so far:
  • WARNING! Do not touch! Not only will I kill you, it will hurt the whole time you are dying.
  • Photos okay, touching NO WAY!
  • Please do not touch displays. Yes, that means you.
  • Photographing display $0, Touching display $5

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