Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ribbon Ring is back at home in Oregon.

After a long stay in Florida, I am finally back home in Oregon. I had a great time in Orlando! I met a lot of wonderful scrapbookers and I look forward to going back if CHA does the Supershow again.

I was asked by a couple of publishers to write a book about my ribbon crafts. A how-to book if you will..... my ribbon flowers, truffles, cupcakes etc. I have tons more ribbon crafts that I haven't taken to the show too..... strawberries, ice cream cones, etc. I hope the book deal works out! How cool would that be?

Here is a blog from a wonderful lady I met in Orlando.... check it out:

My next show is in Colorado Springs.... in just a couple of weeks!

Anybody want to see the ribbon ring ice cream cones? Holla at me if you want me to post pics.

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Shirley said...

I'm interested in ice cream cone pictures! Also, I just noticed you are in Hood River. We were on a road trip in August/September and we stayed at a B&B called Sakura Ridge. We loved it. Coming from Phoenix, all the fresh fruit from the farms was awesome.