Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4 days on the road and I am back home!

Whew! That was a LLOOOONNNNGGGG drive. I took a different route this time. Going to Texas I let my GPS select the route...she didn't put me on the major highways at all.. must be a setting somewhere. I went through a lot of teensy little towns. They made the trip really interesting. On the way home, my husband wanted to stay on the main highways. NOT fun at all.

So, anyways, I wanted to mention a cute little western store I found in Texas: Kimmy's Rustic to Rhinestones in Cross Plains, Texas.

I got a beautiful necklace there. It has crosses with rhinestones on it and beautiful stones.... hard to explain, but it is sooo cute.

I would have taken the whole store home with me if it would have fit in the car. Everything in it was my style! They had luggage, clothing, home decor.... I am going to call them (they don't have a website) and see if she will ship some of the things I wanted but didn't get....

Anyone know of a store that carries fun western jewelry?

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CheeseheadRuth said...

Here is an online store that has bling western accessories AND football jewelry that I like! Here's another one that I shop at occasionally -