Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ribbon Ring driving across the USA

The San Marcos CK convention was a huge success and now I am driving back home. Here are some things I learned about Texas:

1. They drive trucks. Big trucks. I love this about Texas, I fit right in!

2. People are genuinely friendly. Go into any store/restaurant and the clerk will smile and engage in real conversation with you. I am so impressed with their hospitality.


jennisfaboo said...

r u talkin' about that cute girl u met at the convention who brought u her ribbon 2 organize on saturday? THAT WAS ME!!!! i'm off to the store right now 2 look 4 pins 2 make a super cute cupcake... i look 4ward 2 buyin' ur book!!! hava safe trip home..
girl w/o schleppie ribbon

15minL8 said...

Hu Jenn!! I did tell my husband about how fun your group was!! That is... after I started speaking to him again... He wouldn't let me stop at the Cavenders outlet and so I didn't speak to him for several hours. Being stuck next to someone in a car that you are not speaking to makes for a LONG road trip. :)

I guess it was nice of him to fly out so he could help me drive home-but the man is putting the kabosh on my little shopping opportunities. (sigh) . I'll just have to order online when I get home. MUHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Glad you loved Texas! We thought you were pretty wonderful too! Glad you made it home safely.

Love my ribbon ring! I bought my set on Fri. and brought my friend back on Sat. to buy a set. I'm so excited to get my ribbon out of the Martha boxes and out where I can enjoy and use them.

I plan to spread the word and show all my friends who are ribbon addicts too! Thanks for your fabulous invention and I wish you much success!