Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Creating Keepsakes Mesa - Ribbon Ring Rules

So here we are wrapping up CK Mesa. My son and I have had a great time here! For fun, my 12 year old son kept a tally of how many people touched* the Ribbon Ring cupcakes and topiaries...despite their being a sign that says, "Please don't touch".

*Touches include petting, poking, full-on touching, GRABBING and yes, breaking the display. One of the flower topiaries got ruined when someone took the head off and them rammed it back on so hard that it made a huge hole all the way through. (Sigh)

Grand total for Friday: 113
Saturday: 85 and counting!!


Trish said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry! I touched, I didn't see the sign, although that is no excuse. I am sooo sorry! :o)

15minL8 said...

No worries! I expect some people will touch, they are yummy looking for goodness sake! I am just trying to protect them from damage... I had one flower get ice cream fingered at a show earlier this year. EEEWWW.... had to replace that one completely!!