Organized feels good.

Organized feels good.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Really cute hooks for Ribbon Ring

I was at Craft Warehouse today and I saw the CUTEST ever cast iron coat hooks. There was a butterfuly, flower, fleur and some other designs. Seriously cute. I would hang these directly on the wall, but their display showed the hooks mounted onto a wooden plaque, which was painted/embelished. If you are looking for a hook for your Ribbon Ring check them out. There is even a video on their website about how to create the hook plaques. I think the hooks were 20% too.

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Jill S said...

Wow - that has got to be the FASTEST service I have ever had! I am beyond impressed with your service and your product. I just put all my ribbon on the cards and rings today - it's so pretty! Thank you!!! I just love your product. I have nearly filled the 90 ribbon cards that I ordered and plan to order more soon to have on hand. This is such a great product!! I heard about you from Craft Critique. Keep up the great work!